Mezipatra Queer Film Festival [WEB ARCHIVE 2000--2012] - How to get a friend, a lover or a broken heart

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11. queer filmový festival Mezipatra 2010


Queer osvobozuje od tradič- ního vnímání sexuálních a genderových identit založe- ných na neměnných katego- riích muž / žena, hetero-sexuální / homosexuální.

How to get a friend, a lover or a broken heart

Set of short films

  • Make a Mate
  • What´s your Name?
  • Embracing Butterflies
  • Bedfellows
  • No Asians... it's just not my thing
  • Tom


Make a Mate
Udělej si kamaráda

4 min.

Director: Jennifer Jordan Day

An animated play about loneliness and a machine that can produce friends. 


What's your name?
A jak se vlastně jmenuješ?

12 min.

Director: Linnar Prümägi

A white-haired, charismatic gentleman is charming, both in the community involvement activities and in the young meat market at the night-time gay bar. After he takes home a beautiful boy, the question he fears awaits him in the morning. 


Embracing Butterflies
Objímat motýly

Czech Republic
9 min.

Director: Karen Davidsen

Two ladies accidentally meet by a lake and their memories take them back to the time when they met as two schoolgirls. The main role in this charming film from a Swedish director, showing that maybe it’s never too late, was given to Czech star Květa Fialová. 


Posteloví kámoši


15 min.

Director: Pierre Stefanos

A playful comedy with a universal topic – how to make a bar meeting more then just a one night stand? It is, certainly, possible to at least dream about the future together – and then comes morning and the confrontation with reality. 


No Asians... it's just not my thing
Asiati mě neberou

15 min.

Director: Scott Eriksson

Love at first sight in a bar, a passionate night and morning that begins the agony of waiting for the other´s call ... An explicit and dark film about the destructive power of short-term love for young men. 



24 min.

Director: Nimrod Shapira

Can a mutual camping trip solve the love triangle of three young people? Can it finally help with a situation in which each of them wants someone else and the muted passion is getting out of  control?


Total duration: 89 minutes

BRNO: 7. 11. /// 21.00 /// ART small hall
PRAHA: 14. 11. /// 14.00 /// LUCERNA
PRAHA: 15. 11. /// 15.30 /// SVĚTOZOR
PLZEŇ: 20. 11. /// 17.00 /// MĚŠŤANSKÁ BESEDA






make a mate





embracing butterflies












FaLang translation system by Faboba

Znělka 2010

Mezipatra 2010

  • Brno: 4.-9. 11. 2010
    kina Art a Scala
  • Praha: 11.-16. 11. 2010
    kina Lucerna a Světozor
  • Diváci: 10 500
  • Projekce: 74
  • Doprovodné akce: 24
  • Filmy: 72
  • Web: 46 000 návštěv
  • Ozvěny: Ostrava, Olomouc, Plzeň, Pardubice

Ocenění 2010