Mezipatra Queer Film Festival [WEB ARCHIVE 2000--2012] - Two Men, One Room and That Dark Moment of Desire

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Queer osvobozuje od tradič- ního vnímání sexuálních a genderových identit založe- ných na neměnných katego- riích muž / žena, hetero-sexuální / homosexuální.

Two Men, One Room and That Dark Moment of Desire

Set of gay short films

  • Spring
  • Living in Black / Vivir de negro
  • Who leads
  • Easy Money / Dinero Facil
  • Samaritan / Samaritanen





UK  / 2011 / 13 min

Director: Hong Khaou

The sexiest unfolding of the “two men in one room” topic - the arranged S&M meeting of Tim and the young “debutant” Joe evolves from an erotic game info a critical collision of different desires. Show at both Berlinale and Sundance film festivals. 


Living in Black / Vivir de negro

ES / 2009 / 12 min

Director: Alejo Flash

The secret intimate life of the soccer referee, who has the decisive match of both his career and his complicated love life. 


Kdo vede?
Who leads

USA / 2011 / 8 min

Director: Bryan Darling

A few crucial hours in the lives of four men brings one bitter break-up of a long-term relationship and one optimistic beginning of a new romance.


Snadný prachy
Easy Money / Dinero Facil

ES / 2011 / 15 min

Director: Carlos Montero

The hustler Jaime arrives at a client’s hotel room to find out, that he shall be hired for quite different services, than he expected - since the client is looking for an assassin. 


Samaritan / Samaritanen

NO / 2010 / 28 min

Director: Magnus Mork

Knut is a lonely middle-aged man, who one day meets the illegal immigrant Mizra and brings him to his home. Norwegian film on manipulation, yearning for affection and the suspicious kindness of strangers. 



Total: 77 min


BRNO: 5. 11. /// 21.00 /// ART – MALÝ SÁL
PRAHA: 13. 11. /// 20.30 /// SVĚTOZOR – MALÝ SÁL
PRAHA: 16. 11. /// 15.30 /// SVĚTOZOR
















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Znělka 2011

Mezipatra 2012

  • Praha: 8.-14. 11. 2012
    kina Lucerna // Světozor
  • Brno: 16.-22. 11. 2012
    kina Art // KRYT(ISŠA) // Multikulturni centrum STADEC

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