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9. český gay a lesbický filmový festival Mezipatra 2008


Queer osvobozuje od tradič- ního vnímání sexuálních a genderových identit založe- ných na neměnných katego- riích muž / žena, hetero-sexuální / homosexuální.

Strictly private

Strictly private

Set of short films on the fragility of relationships
  • Wunderlich Privat
  • The Friend
  • Love Bite
  • City Sights
  • The Red Dress
  • Dolls
  • Private Life
  • The Way Back
  • Missing the target
  • Mateusz
  • Wrestling

Wunderlich PrivatWunderlich Privat
Wunderlich Privat
Pan Podivný soukromě

Germany, 2006
10 min

Director: Aline Chukwuedo

Mr. Weird has his own secret passion. But one day some police inspectors come into his flat and start asking too many questions.


The FriendThe Friend

Czech Republic, 2008
7 min

Director: Tereza Pospíšilová

A young couple hits the crossroads where they have to decide about the future of their relationship. Kristýna’s solutions might not be what Michal was expecting.


Love BiteLove Bite
Love Bite
Kousnutí z lásky

Australia, 2008
3 min

Director: Craig Boreham

When two friends Noah and Gus smoke pot after school, Noah finally decides to part with the secret that had been weighing on him.


City SightsCity Sights
City Sights
Městské pozoruhodnosti

USA, 2008
2 min

Director: John Goodwin

In this animated pun, Mary tries on various magical glasses in Times Square and experiences adventures of what she sees. But is she going to like everything she sees through these ‘queer’ glasses?


The Red DressThe Red Dress
The Red Dress
Rudé šaty

USA, 2008
7 min

Director: Barney Cheng

One scamp decides to fulfill the last wish of her transgender friend, even if that favor includes stealing that perfect dress for the coffin.



USA, 2008
10 min

Director: Randy Caspersen

Thomas discovers a box of his old dolls in the attic. His mother is in the middle of planning a yard sale and Thomas tries to protect his treasure. Thus his mother may find out something she feigned not to know.


Private LifePrivate Life
Private Life
Soukromý život

Great Britain, 2006
15 min

Director: Abbe Robinson

In England the 50’s, almost nothing under its refined exterior is quite what it seems. An amusing and elegant look into the past and a secret, wild life undercover in an age when it was necessary to hide from the police behind closed doors or in disguise.


The Way BackThe Way Back
Cesta zpět
Cesta zpět

Czech Republic, 2008
10 min

Director: Jiří Volek

A live-action documentary film about the return after many years to one’s hometown. In the evening there is a performance and the parents of the nervous main protagonist are to pick up their tickets..


Missing the targetMissing the target
Fuori target
Minout terč

Italy, 2008
3 min

Director: Werther Germondari a Maria Laura Spagnoli

During training, a marksman isn’t able to focus on his target. The explanation for his diffusiveness isn’t the only surprise in this beautiful formal pun.



Poland, 2007
17 min

Director: Wojciech Szarski

Adam is obsessed with his suspicion that his son Mateusz is gay. When he follows him to confirm this, unexpected secrets surface.


Islandský zápas

Island, 2007
22 min

Director: Grimur Hakonarson

Tough men can let their true emotions out and show their true faces only in the discipline of Icelandic wrestling. A gentle and very nordic story from a former student of Prague’s FAMU.


BRNO: 1.11 | 18:30 | Bakala   
PRAHA: 7.11 | 13:15 | Světozor
PRAHA: 10.11 | 13:15 | Světozor
PRAHA: 11.11 | 20:00 | Lucerna
BRATISLAVA: 20.11 | 18:15 | FK Charlie centrum
ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE: 29.11. | 20:00 | Restaurace na Nemanické

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Mezipatra 2008

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