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10. queer filmový festival Mezipatra 2009


Queer osvobozuje od tradič- ního vnímání sexuálních a genderových identit založe- ných na neměnných katego- riích muž / žena, hetero-sexuální / homosexuální.

The Garden

This visually impressive picture deals with the polemic of Christianity, homosexuality and the mortality of man. A sequence of bizarre biblical motifs - Madonna with child fleeing paparazzi, Judas hanged like a piece of property in an advertisement - fades into the cruel story of two amorous youths, who are arrested, humiliated, tortured and finally killed. The movie is a suggestive personal contemplation of the fate of gay minority in the 20th century, shot by Jarman over a period when his AIDS illness was seriously affecting his health.


The Garden
The Garden

Tribute to Derek Jarman

Great Britain, 1990
English with Czech subtitles
92 min, 35mm

Writer: Derek Jarman
: Derek Jarman
: Tilda Swinton, Johnny Mills, Philip MacDonald, Roger Cook, Spencer Leigh


BRNO: 27. 10. // 18.00 // Scala
PRAHA: 7. 11. // 18.00 // Lucerna


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Mezipatra 2009

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