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Queer osvobozuje od tradič- ního vnímání sexuálních a genderových identit založe- ných na neměnných katego- riích muž / žena, hetero-sexuální / homosexuální.

O festivalu

Basic information about the festival Mezipatra 2007.

20071111-05-203848-mezipatra-bazi-img_3018.jpg Osmý ročník filmového festivalu Mezipatra organizovalo občanské sdružení STUD Brno v průběhu celého roku 2007. Festival se rozrostl do více kin a měst, přilákal více zahraničních hostů a zúročil mediální partnerství České televize nově o internetový speciál a sedmidílné Minuty z Mezipater. Programově se přiklonil směrem k umělecky hodnotné a divácky náročné dramaturgii. Záštitu nad festivalem převzal pan Václav Havel a primátor hlavního města Prahy, MUDr. Pavel Bém.

cena-web.jpgEach year, Mezipatra gives three awards. The winners of the eighth edition are: The Main Jury Award for Best Feature Film: Les Témoins, the Honourable Mention: Dolls . The Student Jury Award for best Short Film: Who's the Top? , the Honourable Mention: The Saddest Boy in the World . The Izraali film The Bubble received the Audience Award. The awarded fimmakers got unothodox prism created by leading Czech designer Zdeněk Vacek.

havel1_160.jpgI am glad that the Mezipatra Film Festival has during the eight years of its existance formed a respected civil union with other cine-meetings that take place in the Czech Republic.

bem1_160.jpgI accepted with pleasure the patronage of this year’s annual festival MEZIPATRA that for the fifth time will visit our capital city with selected screenings. Every year the event notes a dynamic increase of audience in Prague as well as in its hometown of Brno and implants itself in the family of film festivals.

ales-rumpel_vyrez_160.jpg Dear Audience, during the preparations of last year’s Mezipatra, civil unions (finally) came into effect. We realized that for many years the local community has been promoting the image of gays and lesbians as respectable citizens who live like the mainstream society and long for the same rights and institutions. Such an image is, however, too limited as it excludes punks, anarchists, gender and sexual experimenters and everyone who doesn’t fit into the norms of the “respectable” society of the market economy and monogamous life. To broaden the image we have chosen rebellion as the main theme of the 8th edition of the festival.

ottinger1_160.jpg Ulrike Ottinger is part of the so-called New German Queer Cinema that formed in the late 1960s. Her approach is more experimental than that of her "realistic" compatriots, e.g. lesbian filmmaker Monica Treut and gay director R. W. Fassbinder. She writes, produces and directs herself. Ottinger’s work is highly stylized, presenting striking, often exotic images with a touch of surrealism. Her films centre around empowered, independent women engaged in adventure or travel, depicting lesbian sexuality and sensuality with pleasure.

greyson1_160.jpg An avant-garde Canadian director, screenwriter and producer started his career in the 80s as a journalist for a Toronto magazine about art and culture. During his stay in Toronto, he discovered the beauty of video art and started to make his first short films (e.g. The Perils of Pedagogy, Moscow Does Not Believe in Queers ).

trailer2007.jpg Authors of the Mezipatra 2007 official trailer are Michal Pechoucek, Martin Mazanec and Martin Hrdina. You will be able to see the trailer on Czech TV as well as in the festival cinemas.

ceny2006.jpgMezipatra is a competetive festival. The competition includes three awards: The Main Jury Award for Best Feature Film, The Student Jury Award for Best Short Film and the Audience Award. For the second year now the awards are designed by a renown Czech designer, Zdenek Vacek, and they take the form of (fully functional) metal caleidoscopes.

Main Jury judges feature fiction films and gives the Mezipatra Main Jury Award for Best Feature Fiction Film.

The Student Jury judges short films and gives the Student Jury Award for Best Short Film.

Velmi si ceníme a děkujeme všem partnerům 8. ročníku festivalu Mezipatra, kteří nám poskytují svoji podporu, ať už morální, finanční, materiální, mediální nebo organizační...

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Znělka 2007

Mezipatra 2007

  • Diváci: 9 000
  • Projekce: 95
  • Doprovodné akce: 16
  • Filmy: 61
  • Web: 26 500 návštěv
  • Ozvěny: Olomouc, Bratislava, Český Těšín

Ocenění 2007